About Vadaria Group CPA

We are CPA with over 23 years of experience & specialize in individual income tax,corporate/LLC tax,business accounting and bookkeeping,IL sales tax,payroll tax,business incorporation services & IL sales tax audits. We have a proven track record in the accounting industry and we will take care of all your accounting needs while you focus on the key business area. That also gives you peace of mind and keeps you away from trouble with IRS and State!

We provide tax services to a wide range of professionals and self employed personnel and prepare all 50 states. We also specialize in providing ITIN services. Our business accounting and bookkeeping clients are from various industries including professionals such as Dentists, Medical Doctors’ clinics, IT companies, Architects, etc.  On retail side, we have clients who have auto repair shops, gasoline stations, restaurants, garment stores, transportation, tourism, etc..

We are open  throughout the year and have a team of competent professionals.